Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome To T.S.N.C.!

Welcome to T.S.N.C. 's blog. Our club was started to help people in need. If you were wondering what T.S.N.C. stands for, it's The super-cool next- door club . It started out as a club just for doing ''whatever'' with my neighbors, but we relized that we should be doing something to help the world.

Some things we've been doing to raise money for causes:

  • lemonade and treat stands
  • car washes

some things we hope to do to raise money:

  • tag sales
  • jewlery/craft sales
  • donations

So, please, if you have any suggestions for ways to raise money, feel free to leave them under comments.


T.S.N.C. president and vice president, Julia and Kendra


Julia said...

yard sales

Galinda said...

ugly yard decorations

Galinda said...

i will wave my magical bubble wand, and a garden nome with warts will pop out of nowere.