Sunday, September 2, 2007


Here is a little update on were we are in this money raising deal.
we have a goal of 100 dollers (10 bed nets, 10 familys saved.
so far we have about 75 dollers. (seven and a half familys)
Julia and Kendra

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Our current objective is to buy bed nets ( shown on left) to protect people in Africa against malaria. Malaria is a disease carried by misquitos. It is usually found in hot places, but it can be found all over the world. This disease brings an early end to the mojority of children's lives in Africa.

Malaria is both a prevantable and curable disease. But most Africans cannot afford medication,vaccination or bed nets. Bed nets are hung over a bed, like a canopy, and they prevent the bugs that give you malaria.

Welcome To T.S.N.C.!

Welcome to T.S.N.C. 's blog. Our club was started to help people in need. If you were wondering what T.S.N.C. stands for, it's The super-cool next- door club . It started out as a club just for doing ''whatever'' with my neighbors, but we relized that we should be doing something to help the world.

Some things we've been doing to raise money for causes:

  • lemonade and treat stands
  • car washes

some things we hope to do to raise money:

  • tag sales
  • jewlery/craft sales
  • donations

So, please, if you have any suggestions for ways to raise money, feel free to leave them under comments.


T.S.N.C. president and vice president, Julia and Kendra